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Looking for interest in a new community

Hello all,

I conduct a local group (The Atlanta area) of Victorian and Edwardian age children’s literature aficionados and am considering starting a community for the same. We discuss children’s literature, the authors, artists and their inspirations in a manner that is both informative and enjoyable so I would hope to keep it the same on a community. The period I am looking at runs from roughly the publication of Ruskin’s The King of the Golden River to the publication of Winnie the Pooh but we do from time to time go back further or move closer if the subject pertains to that key era, the so called golden age.

If anyone would be interested or has more than a passing interest in the works of George Macdonald, John Ruskin, Charles Kingsley, Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter, etc then let me know. If I can get enough interest I will create the community and provide talking points.


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