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Vovochka and the 8 of March. Soviet joke of 1970/80s

Dear memmbers of LJ Community,

I would like to present to you a couple of soviet jokes about the
naughty sovet schoolboy Vovocka, those joke were extremly popular
between schoolchildren during 1970-1980s. They were considered as
politically incorrect and even as anti-soviet Proganda  because Vovochka
is a form of the name "Vladimir", and Vladimir Lenin was a leader of
Russian Revolution and creator of USSR. According the rumors, the the
soviet leaders and KGB belived at that time that jokes about Vovochka
were created and intoduced to the soviet folklore buy the superagents of
CIA and MI6.

Also, children have very naugty and sometise even sexual behaviour in those jokes.

Consevative soviet people did not like those jokes, but soviet chitdren, contrary, loved this "forbinden fruit"

First joke as about the Vovochka and the International Women Day "The 8 of March"
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